The Uplevel Intensive
 Intuitive Business Coaching Package
"In this Intensive, you will overcome hidden limiting beliefs, clarify your core message and freshen up your marketing to create more abundance, visibility & impact (while working less) to  take your Business to the next level!"
 Elena Herdieckerhoff
Award-winning Intuitive Business Coach & TEDx Speaker
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This Intensive is for you if desire to: 
  • Renewed clarity about your mission and message (let's reignite that passion for your business!)
  • Double your business without doubling your effort by adapting your current marketing strategies to truly suit your vision (and discover the hidden opportunities in your business!)
  • Break through the pesky fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and are secretly sabotaging your success (I will help you detect and clear those blocks!)
  • Leaving financial yoyo's or plateaus behind to create consistent, blissful growth that feels good rather than overwhelming (Mastering your money mindset is crucial to bust through any upper-limit beliefs)
Only 1 space left- secure your space today! 
What is the Special Offer about? 
In celebration of my TEDx Talk hitting 800,000 views, 
I have decided to offer a few exclusive spaces to my incredibly popular 
"Uplevel Intensives" 
at a HUGELY discounted rate (almost a $2000 USD saving!) to celebrate this milestone and help you take your Business to the next level! 
Only 1 spot left!
What is included in the Uplevel Intensive?
& Session Recording
To make sure we maximise our time together, you fill out an in-depth Intake Questionnaire so we can hit the ground running! Once we had our 2 Hour Intensive, you also get a high quality recording that you can listen to again & again! 

2 Hours
Intuitive Business Coaching
 I use my special gift of deep intuition - paired with over a decade of successful entrepreneurial experience- to give you clarity, guidance and actionable steps for how to master your message, marketing and mindset. Call  via Skype or Phone.
Mindset & Energy Blocks

In our session I will intuit your main energy and mindset blocks. To truly help you heal and transform, one of my favourite energy healers will work on releasing your blocks and you get a detailed report from your energy healing session with her! (If you do not wish to benefit from this healing, it is entirely optional.)

Access to my Spring Accelerator Workshop

Get instant access to my 3 Hour Spring Accelerator Workshop with loads of exciting strategies to help energise your business this Spring!

What will we cover?
In our 2 Hour Intuitive Business Coaching Session, 
we will focus on:
 Your Message
Whether you are starting out or you have been in business for years, your mission & message as well as your ideal audience constantly evolve! I will intuitively zone in on your current zone of genius and core business mission so that you can take your business to the next level! 

Your Benefits:

-Renewed clarity on your mission
-Reignite the passion for your business
-Take the guess-work out of what you should be doing or offering to truly serve your ideal customers

     Your Marketing

    I deeply believe in the power of inspired marketing, so together we will devise a fresh and innovative marketing vision for you that is fully aligned with your mission, message and personality so you can attract your ideal customers with ease!

    Your Benefits:

    - Clarity on your next best steps to reach more customers
    - Easy and joyful implementation
    - More customers! 

     Your Mindset
    No matter our current level of success, we all have limiting beliefs about our potential and what we can or can not achieve. I will use my intuitive gifts to unearth what is REALLY holding you back and show you how you can overcome your mindset blocks! Let me show you how to reprogram your mindset for consistent success!

    Your Benefits:

    -Release pesky fears that hold you back from stepping into greater visibility & impact
    -Healing old self-sabotage patters
    -Overcoming doubts and mindset blocks

    "Expect renewed clarity, reconnection to your intuitive gifts, marketing inspiration & insights as well as mindset shifts that are necessary to help you really take your business to the next level (and help you get out of your own way)."
    Plus this incredible
    1 Year Access to my
    Money Mindset Mastermind
    Online Course
    Worth $797 USD! 
    For details about this Online Course, click here.
    "The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
    Anais Nin

    Ready to unlock your full potential?
    Only 1 Spot left

    Do you want to meet me before deciding?
    Let's hop on a quick 15 minute call (complimentary of course!) to find out if the
    The Uplevel Intensive is right for you and your business! 

    "When a person really desires something, 
    all the universe conspires to 
    help that person to realize her dream." Paulo Coelho

    Why Me?
    • As a Intuitive Business Mentor ( for sensitive, intuitive and empathic entrepreneurs, I use my special gift of deep intuition and clairvoyance -- paired with over a decade of rich entrepreneurial experience -- to guide my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs on their success journeys. I blend "inner" mindset and soul work with "outer" authentic marketing and sales strategies to help my clients get back into the flow of their true purpose, abundance, and serenity. 
    • I can speak from experience on how to achieve success by changing my mindset, shining with my sensitive personality, using my intuitive gifts and allowing myself to be divinely guided. Previously to Entreprincess, I have fundraised 7 figures, built an international Luxury Skincare Brand, been featured in major magazines, won multiple awards, and even sold this business in just 5 years.
    • I am a TEDx Speaker on the topic of highly sensitive people with  800k views and have dedicated my life's work to support my fellow sensitive entrepreneurs. Watch it here
    • I am also a Reiki master and spiritual seeker. My spiritual inspirations are Abraham Hicks, Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Elizabeth Peru,  Doreen Virtue, John of God, EFT and many more...
    • I have built a wonderful community of over 10,000 entrepreneurs who regularly seek my advice for achieving serene success in their life and business. I would love to help you too!
    • I have a Master's degree from the London School of Economics in Gender & Social Psychology, which gives me powerful tools to help you leverage your feminine force and master your mindset!

    Elena and her Businesses have been featured in:

    Join 800k viewers to see my 
    TEDx Talk
    "The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People"

    "Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action." Napoleon Hill

    Let me answer your questions...
    What is included in my Uplevel Intensive?
    You receive:
    Intake Questionnaire
    2 Hour Coaching Intensive (via Skype or Phone)
    Session Recording
    Mindset & Energy Healing
    1 Year Access to my  Spring Accelerator Workshop
    1 Year Access to my Money Mindset Mastermind
    What is the investment?
    For a limited time in celebration of the success of my TEDx Talk, you will receive an almost 2000 USD discount, so you will pay ONLY $997 USD for full payment or 3 bi-weekly payments of $420 USD
    What if I want to have a quick chat before deciding?
    All you need to do is fill out a short application form and we will hop on the phone or have a quick Skype chat! You must proceed with payment within 24 hours to secure your spot if you decide the Uplevel Intensive is for you. 
    When can I book my Uplevel Intensive Coaching Session?
     You have 45 Days to book your Uplevel Intensive after your initial date of payment.
    What kind of results should I expect?
    You should expect renewed clarity, reconnection to your intuitive gifts, marketing inspiration & insights as well as mindset shifts that are necessary to help you really take your business to the next level (and help you get out of your own way).
    What’s your refund policy?
    All sales are final. Please connect with me for a complimentary call if you are unsure before booking.
    I have another question that isn’t here. What do you recommend?
    Please get in touch with me & my team at [email protected], we are happy to help!

    Sharing some more Client Love...

    Elena from Entreprincess is extremely knowledgeable, thinks quick on her feet and finds solutions for anything you can throw at her. I personally work with a number of mentors and coaches as I truly believe that in order to be successful you need to surround yourself with people that have positive and successful mindsets and Elena has both, her energy and passion is contagious. One of the true superstars in the entrepreneurial world!  Caryna Cooper
    There are few individuals and coaches in the world like Elena. She has an incredibly loving and intuitive insight that not only spoke to my soul on a deep level but helped to clear my path so that I run my business, my work and higher purpose from a more authentic perspective. I can honestly say that since I met Elena my life and business has had a deep transformation. Her insight and business savvy gave me a vision into my bigger purpose, more abundant business and also pushed me ahead with more confidence to embrace my healing gifts. I am grateful for her feminine beauty, constructive guidance and intuitive understanding. Thank you! Milissa Rosberg
    If you have come across "Entreprincess', the chances are that you are an intelligent, driven and aspirational lady & have 'landed' exactly where you are meant to be! I cannot recommend Elena's coaching highly enough, not only does she have a wealth of experience, authority and knowledge to share, but what really makes her stand out from the crowd is her genuine enthusiasm, happy disposition and passion for encouraging and supporting us along our own individual journeys! Unlike many business coach's strategies, Elena looks at the bigger picture - your lifestyle, personality and business, all of which are intrinsically linked and need nurturing in order to grow!   
    I trust Elena's honest and insightful judgement implicitly, she has given me a much needed injection of clarity and focus, not forgetting the motivation to implement her sound advice. I no longer feel that I'm trying to juggle many things all at once, but excited for the future! Time spent with Elena leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, positivity and a smile on your face! 'Entreprincess' really can bring the light back to your day and help you to achieve your dreams as a successful entrepreneur! Nicola Woods
    Elena looked at my creative business, which was born out of an immense healing journey. She saw how I could bring the disparate pieces together and proposed a strategy that would accomplish this. The amazing thing is that it's as if she looked into my heart and soul, pulling together my various passions in a way I might never have thought of. I'm so excited about implementing this strategy, as it will really allow me to manifest my vision and mission in a major way. 
    Annette Hadley
    Video Testimonial
    April Klimkiewicz 

    "At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." 
    Lao Tzu

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